Monday, March 28, 2011


24/March.. I’m not usually one for parties but…For five years,my birthday have nothing special. I really hope i can get something special like my friends. Well, I have a bit jealousy with them.

This Thursday,im gonna turn 20. From a teenager into an adult. Now, I don't usually ask for anything big on my birthday, I don't even ask for anyone to buy me gifts or big parties, I usually like to enjoy a nice, calm day with the ones I love, but I do appreciate when people remember my birthday, since I try very hard to remember everyone's, be it family, friends, co-workers, etc. Many times, I try to go out of my way when it is someone's birthday, be it by creating something for them, calling them or even visiting them.

Last year, and remember that I'm being honest here, I got one phone call and 2 texts. 2 texts from family, not immediate family, who I always call or visit on their birthdays...always. The one phone call was from an uncle who always calls me, I mean, we help each other out, so I kind of expected it. But, in reality, I was just shocked that those who I have really gone out of my way during their birthdays, I didn't receive as much as a text.

Now, I'm not big on texting someone for their birthday, I find it to be a very lazy way of saying, 'I really didn't feel like calling you, but to at least not make you feel like I forgot, here's a text.' and it really doesn't take much to pick up a phone and call someone on their birthday.

With that being said, I would just like an opinion on what you would think about this. It's not a big deal to me if I don't get a call from everyone, because I understand that it is easy to forget a birthday, but when it is someone who is very close to you and doesn't even call you on your birthday, what would your reaction be? Mine is to feel a bit hurt, even though I did have a very nice day with my immediate family, but I can't help but think that those who didn't call would be very upset if I forgot to call them on their birthday.
I want a present like my friend gotPhotobucket

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