Friday, July 8, 2011

Biler Orang Mule Berjiwang, pasti diiringi Muzik!

MADDI JANE Photobucket

Once again, for the 4th time, Im Falling in love again. Not with Maddi Jane, but another girls. Ahhhh, actually,. I really hate this feeling. It makes me feel awkward. Can you please just go away?! Please~ I can't bear it! Its just come and go whenever it want. This times, I don't know why, but this girls kinda give some hope to me. To be precise, Im not confidence that I can get her love, but this little brain of mine keep yelling and yelling says " go shahzwi, or you will regret like your 1st,2nd, & 3rd time of love.. All fail due to my late actions. Can you just shut up brain. Its up to me what to do. Hohhohoho.. Haaa, i need to get some music, love music if can. wink2*

ROLLONG IN THE DEEP-Adele (Cover by Maddi Jane)

I wonder if there's still hope .If I call her, would she listen? Im worried about her answer. I fear a response of no. Its never over till its over.

~Bak kate Erul, Saranghae~ Bak kate Maharma Gandhi, Eppotu ninkal oru etiriyai. Anpai kankar~ Bak kate aku, YOU ARE THE ONE


Keep It Straight. Live your Life~

I am Who I am Adat bekerja dekat tempat orang, kene sentiasa bekalkan kepala dengan mindset ni "Kesabaran", hahahaha. Ha...