Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Thinking!


When we were three or four, our parents always nudged us, regarding what we wanted to become when we grew up...
Our adorably cute answers of course ranged from the Prime Minister Of Malaysia, to the Astronaut probably sitting on the moon right then, or well in my case, a Tooth Fairy with a magic wand....

When we were nine or probably ten, they asked us again...
And surprisingly our answers changed to a wide extent!
Now we wanted to become a rock star, a cowboy, a model or well in my case a Teacher...

And now that we have grown up, the question strangely still remains the same. But this time everyone is search of a serious answer...

Well how about this - "Who the hell knows?"

I learned from someone, that this isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions of life. Rather its the time to make as many mistakes as possible!
Catching the wrong train, reaching the entirely wrong destination and getting stuck there for hours and hours..
Falling in love - as much as anyone can even imagine.

Doing a Major in Law 'cause there is no way to make a career out of that!
Changing your mind, 10,000 times a day,
And then changing it again..
And then changing it bloody once again!
Because nothing on this planet is permanent. Nothing at all!

So lets make as many mistakes as possible, so that, someday in the future, when they again ask us the same question, then we wont have to shoot anything in the darkness by making guesses but till then probably we'll know the answer!

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