Monday, March 11, 2013

Chrissy Costanza~ Check This Out!

Ok guys, this one is Chrissy Costanza. My new Favourite artist in youtube. Shes quite cute especially when wearing the spectacles (maybe I like girls wearing it). Of course its not just the appearance , her voice is quite extraordinary i would say. This is better than the Korean song. Seriously, I dont know why the girls (even some men) like to watch korean song . Its irritating whenever i watch it. Plastic surgery + Annoying voice. The only thing that catch my eyes is their dance. But compare to this, Chrissy is way more AWESOME than them.

1) Beauty and A Beat Cover

2) Catch My Breath Cover

3) All I Want For Christmas Is You Cover

Hope u guys enjoy the song.. Hehehehe, suddenly I missed my someone.
Nvm , i know shes missed me too .. Ouch~

 photo bye2.gif

P/S  : Love You Chrissy!!

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