Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Favourite Quote

1) When sum1 try its hardest to achieve something
= Its too late already. Ya shall not pass!
 photo bsod.gif

2) When sum1 asked what is your favourite food
= Im glad to hear that you want to spend me.
 photo admire2.gif

3) When sum1 asked what is your number
= I only have public phone my dear friend. Sorry
 photo good-luck.gif

4) When sum1 try to scared you
= Puunya sa Takutttt~
 photo freezing.gif

5) When sum1 keep saying about my bad
= There is no one that is perfect, because we are not in the heaven yet.
 photo lie.gif

6) When sum1 says that you are fat
= Its not my will. Its happen at its own will. OMG~
 photo lonly.gif

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