Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never give back what people give You

"A Gift for A Gift"

What is gift?

To who it will be delivered?

What gift is people expected?

What gift people don't expected to be give?

How should people respond towards others generousity?

All this question always rolling in our mind whenever we received a Present or try to buy gift for our beloved friends. In reality, gender plays a minor role in determined the value of the gift. One taboo in this "World of Gift" are never , ever returned back the gift to the person that give it.  This is due to the matter of facts that it will leave a very large scars on that person heart especially men. People always said that men are ego , and always boosting about themselves , but in reality they also have some dignity. Never ever returned back their gift. That if you truly care about your relationship as friend in a long term.

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