Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kepenatan Mengajar

What The...
For god's sake, I'm so lazy
Hari ni masuk 3 buah kelas,5 masa. Agak penat sebenarnya sebab tak pernah continuously mengajar kat budak2 selama 2 jam lebih.
hari ni introduce topic "I Wonder" kat diaorang. so i started the lesson by asking them to read the poem together. Most of the time they don’t pay attention to their friend. They are much interested chit chatting with each other.Then I asked them whether they can hear their friend or not. But it’s kind of boring, as pupils are repeating same line. I did not manage to hold their attention. thus I fasten the process. I try to remember some names.
I taught them the meaning of the poem. Alhamdulillah they get it right. as long as they get the concept, i’m fine with it. "POEM" will make them think, and play with language. Some needs translation. Some comes up with good and bombastic one like “Why is it now,do you suppose,That dad won't tell me,if he knows?”. Haha. Gosh. That is so geek.
Then I end my teaching practise for today by giving them the answer and the POEM meanings. By 6.15 PM, any P&P should be stopped and students are required to draw. It is time for assembly. But one think that I can't forget this day is when I enter 1KAA class. Geez, it needs patient.
Student: Cikgu,nyanyi sikit
Me: Erk, Cikgu sakit la
Student: Cikgu nie,nyanyi jewla
Me: Ala, nanti cikgu nynyi kat ujibakat nanti tengok la
Student:Eyh Cikgu,today xdew exam kew? aritu ckp adew exam?
Me: No, absolutely not. Why? (dalam hati) *grrrr*
Gosh. What happen to kids nowadays? Are they experiencing nice childhood? They are becoming adult too soon. I hope they won’t miss good childhood and education.
-Tired Teacher-


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