Saturday, April 16, 2011

1st love is not Rational?!

I want to love like people old days do. The first love. That one that never changes and you never forget.

But lately, it seems that I've been stuck in a judgmental rut towards myself and others. When I was reading my facebook last night, I was humbled greatly. I need to focus on my own shortcomings, not others. My expectations of myself are very high, and I'm not even sure why, but to some extent, I extend that to the people around me, leaving me disappointed and frustrated.

I'm not patronizing or looking down on others though. It's not that. It's just egocentrism where I think that if I'm this way, so is everyone. I keep forgetting that I am me, and others are different.

but God, oh that Girls...and no matter how super nice, patient, and kind people think I am. I still know myself-- and I want to love like it's the first time, every time.

Imagine what we could do if we just loved unconditionally. That doesnt mean we don't get angry or unhappy. We just love.. them in the end. Always. That would be nice.

(Somehow when i think of her,it makes me smiling alone)

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