Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shame On Me !

Do you get embarrassed when you meet people you know at the grocery store (Tesco), or is it just me? I live in the same neighborhood as the school where I work, so do many of my friends and students.

Once in a while, I come face to face with one of them while grocery shopping, and that always makes me uncomfortable. Those are the times where you think “damn, why did I have to get those pickles and Dorayaki ? And couldn’t I have picked All-Bran instead of Ice Blended?”.

But what is even worse is to meet an attending (or boss…). It happened to me once, while I was packing on frozen dinners, Cd games and other equally glamorous things. My attending said something like “well…we can tell you don’t have a family yet” or something like that. So yes, I do not cook and I love eating junk…that’s just the way it is.


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